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Things to Know About 2015 Google’s Search Updates

Google is continuously finding new ways to improve search results, so the users can easily get the relevant results. Your SEO Boca Raton strategy should keep pace with Google’s search updates and it should be frequently adjusted to the new updates. As the users change their behavior, Google adds the new updates in order to improve users’ experience. Why is this important? If your website SEO strategy does not observe Google’s search updates, this can dramatically lower the search rank of your website which is ultimately bad for your business. For this reason, adjusting your SEO strategy is essential for performance of your business.  Here are some information that can come in handy in order to do so;

Pigeon Update

This update addresses local search results, improving the user experience and location ranking parameters. You can adjust your Boca Raton SEO strategy by using local knowledge in order to create keywords, content and connections. Connecting with the firms nearby can help you set up back links. Besides, you can use Google My Business and get your business on Google free of charge, which is a great opportunity. In addition, adopting hyperlocalization can be  another great way to improve your SEO strategy and align it with Google’s search updates.

Penguin Update

Penguin update was launched in 2012. The goal was to detect the sites spamming the search results, especially those sites that seem to buy links or getting them using link … Read the rest